Please zip/rar your logo file before sending to us :

Note : If the file size are larger than 500 Kb, please split your file to below 500 Kb with WinRar Compression Program.

Logos and Artwork

Logos and Artwork:

We can place your logo or artwork on most items. We will need a file which to use or we can design something especially for you.

The following is basic info concerning art. If you do not understand any of the following please call us and we will be glad to help.

1. We operate in a PC environment. Mac users please convert the file to an Adobe Illustrator file, version 8. Make sure you convert all text to curves.

2. We recommend Vector Drawing File for best result eg. created from : Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Macromedia Freehand.

We also accept the following file types. Word, Excel, Power Point, Photo Shop, EPS, JPG, TIF, BMP. Please make sure the resolution of the file is no less than 200dpi. Please avoid very intricate design try to keep simple and do not make any letter smaller than 12pt and line below 1pt.

Web graphics do not work well! All artwork needs to be in black and white.

If you can not provide artwork as needed, we can help!
Just give us something to go by, fax, e-mail etc. and we will clean it up and make it usable. However we do charge for this service, once we have received your logo we will let you know the cost.

3. If you are in need of standard clip art or mascots, we have an extensive library available. We do not charge for these designs unless special alterations are required. Please give us a call for availability.

4. Custom art is available. Give us a call, tell us your thoughts, and we will design something especially for you!
We strive to help everyone with his or her special art needs. The best way to insure that we can produce your logo or custom artwork on your awards is to call us with your specifics. We are here to help in any way possible.