How To Give An Award

Awards and recognition are important to everyone. But almost as important as the award is the way the award is presented:

The reason to give awards is to recognize someone or some group of people for their outstanding achievement. You want the people to feel good about themselves as well as their performance. If you want to make the award even more important – make a big deal out of the presentation. Plan your presentation, do as much as your time and budget allow. Don’t just walk up to the winner and hand over the award, make a big deal out of the presentation.

No matter how large or small your presentation here are a few pointers to remember.

  • There are three elements to every award presentation: the award winners, the presenters and the awards.
  • Make sure the award product mirrors the importance of the achievement. Yearly awards should outclass monthly or weekly awards.
  • The size of the event should also mirror the importance of the achievement. Achievements for an entire year deserve more fanfare that monthly awards.
  • Develop an agenda, so the event goes smoothly. Whether the presentation is over lunch or an elaborate full scale awards ceremony, every event works better with an agenda.
  • The small details are the most important. Make sure the presenter pronounces the winners name correctly. Make sure the award is engraved correctly. Make sure the award winner feels special.

In order for the award to have the greatest impact you need to create an excitement about winning. Make the award, the presentation and the attitude fit the accomplishment.

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