Ways to Reward Employees

is what you give people for doing the job you hired them to do.

Recognition celebrates efforts beyond the call of duty.

Of course we feel that you should give items from our web site. Plaques, acrylics, trophies, clocks etc. We feel these carry the longest lasting recognition, and provide the best recognition. However we know that there are many other types of recognition that work very well. Below are a few suggestions we hope you will find helpful.

If you have an idea that worked at your company or any suggestion to add to this list just email us at : agus@aneka.com. If we add your suggestion to our list we will send you a special gift.

Please check back periodically as we add to this list on a consistent basis.

• Tell them! It may sound silly but most good work goes unnoticed or recognized.
• Give employees your business card with “Good Job” or “Thanks” written on the back.
• Certificate, even made on the pc at work. Something simple that just says “Thanks For Doing A Great Job”
• Give out a gold star to employees to put on their name badges. Have a gold star program with special rewards. Achieve a certain number of stars and receive certain rewards.
• Special parking place for the employee of the month.
• Put a photo of the award winner on display.
• Traveling Trophy Cup for best department or store. Engrave winners names on trophy and at the end of the year the team with their name on the trophy the most gets to keep it.
• Buy lunch for the award winner and 2 friends of their choosing.
• Give managers coupons for free lunches and allow them to hand them out on the spot for superior performance.
• Give an extra day off or ½ day off
• Travel – everybody loves travel!
• Special company memo recognizing outstanding achievers.
• Round of golf
• Massage
• Shirt, Jacket, Briefcase, Sweater with company logo
• Limo ride to the office
• Have car washed while they are at work
• Free Pass – Be creative here – Give the winner access to things they do not normally have access to at the office, or perks only reserved for executive management staff.
• Balloons
• Free parking or pay an employees parking fees for a week or month
• Use employees in commercials
• Have a catering service bring the employee lunch for a week
• Have an employee’s dry cleaning done for a week – and delivered.
• Special t-shirts
• Better office
• Give the winner an assistant for a week, month or permanently.
• Have a picnic for all award winners.
• Give a two hour lunch break or a 30 minute coffee break for a day or a week
• Give the winner a three day weekend
• Give the winner a extra break for the week
• Movie passes
• Cater dinner at the winner’s home.
• Extra vacation time
• Sporting events tickets
• Concert or Play tickets
• Pay winners house note of rent for the month
• Books
• Music
• Personalized coffee cup
• Personalized desk items
• Send someone home early. Give this out on the spot.
• Get off from work free card. Extra day off card to use whenever they feel like it.
• Birthday cake on employees birthday
• Personal letter of “Thank You” from the president of the company
• Special uniform for award winners for a specific amount of time. Jackets. Shirts etc.
• Special employee discounts on company products.
• Weekend get a way for 2 for the winner.
• Plane ticket anywhere in the Indonesia or Overseas.
• Company stock
• Give away a Cruise for 2
• Monthly award winners photos in company news letter or on bulletin board
• Part of the company